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As a bit of fun, we decided to combine a range of different animation techniques into one film, and visualise our favourite metaphor.

The cakes were a mixture of styles:

Top left – 3D render, using Cinema 4D,

Top right – handmade with paper,

Bottom left – 2D render, using After Effects,

Bottom right – real cupcake, filmed and sped up.

The final cake was made by Iina using clay, and was inspired by Studio Giggle’s love/ obsession with Jaffa cakes.

We made a pop-up miniature studio in our office upstairs, and blocked out the windows so that we could have proper control of the lighting. Like every project, having a proper storyboard was crucial, and meant that we could shoot and edit the project within 2 days.

Post-production included: extending the edges of our mini studio out to seem like a much larger space, colour grading to create different coloured backgrounds, keying out various hands and arms and speeding up sections like Iina’s hand drawing the storyboard.

It was a great excuse to be creative and eat cake, basically. 🙂