Giggle VFX Breakdown: 3D Projection Mapping

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Here at Giggle one of the many skills at our in-house animators’ fingertips is 3D projection mapping.

How do we do it? 

Well, ever projection mapping job starts with us bringing a 2D image into a 3D modelling programme. This allows us to create a 3D geometry to fit the image. Then, after the model has been built, we add in camera movements and build a background that can accommodate the new 3D angles that will be visible when it is projected. 

After all these elements have come together, the original image is projected onto the model and the file is imported into After Effects. Here adding details like shadow and depth of field enhance realism and interest. We also apply camera ‘imperfections’ like lens flare which help give the impression of real filming.

We then can project the image onto a number of different surfaces to create a real-life effect. On multiple occasions, we have used projection mapping to amaze our clients at events. One of the most memorable times that we used projection mapping for one of our events was for the World Premiere of Game of Thrones. For the event, we projected 3D dragons onto the moat walls at the Tower of London.  

To make the process a little bit clearer, our animators created an explainer video showing each stage that goes into making a 3D projection mapping model.

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