• David Humphreys

Giggle Re-Brand

We don't want to make a song and dance about it but..

We have changed our name from Giggle to Studio Giggle.

The vision is Jon Brigden's, the creative director at Studio Giggle:

“I thought, 'What are we?' We’re a studio, not an office. We're a place where talented creative people gather together to make creative content."

The studio began in 2006 offering films, which then widened to 'content', and now there is a focus on events too. A constantly evolving agency needs a name that is succinct and portrays exactly what they do.

"We are now working on a daily basis with global brands, our clients are happy with the work we are producing and our team are a happy bunch." Jon

This is the third change of name in the company's history. Before "Giggle" it was "The Giggle Group", which encompassed different strands for animation, games, media and the Bristol Green Screen Studio. Giggle Media still exists, as an IP development company that specialises in scripted comedy for children and adults.

The logo has been tweaked and it's been a good excuse for a freshly designed website, but Jon says the name change won't affect how the studio operates...

"Our clients work with us because we are specialists at what we do. Our business is built on personal relationships and perfectly crafted films and animation". Jon