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The Creative Minds That Run This Place

Our highly-talented team are ready to take your brand to the next level. The staff at Studio Giggle are some of the most gifted, creative, quirky individuals out there. With their bright and intelligent minds, our work receives plenty of notice that we are extremely proud of.


Managing and Creative Director

Jonathan has been working in the creative industries for more than 20 years spanning the music, theatre and film industries. Jonathan creatively directs all of Giggle’s big multi-discipline live productions from major product launches to entertainment world premieres. He can usually be found riding his Brompton bicycle from meeting to meeting.


Founder and Director, Giggle Media

Steve has experience of working in theatre film and directing. He founded Studio Giggle in 2007, and since then has been at the helm of all of Giggle’s major projects. Steve is also currently working on growing Giggle Media, Studio Giggle’s sister company. Steve is developing new IP, including ‘Graceland’, a feature film about a female Elvis impersonator, ‘Bobby and Carol’, a TV show set in The Fens in the ‘80’s and ‘FistPump’ a steampunk animated adventure series. Steve has creativity running through his body and always has an eye on our client’s stories and finding award winnings ways to engage their audiences.


Head of Event Production

Sharon Kersley has worked in the event and production industry for over 18 years within the UK and internationally. Having worked extensively across all platforms of media, both on and off-air, Sharon has built up a portfolio of loyal clients and suppliers along the way. Sharon has worked for major companies, including Sky, OVO energy and Netflix


Interactive Designer

Nick is Giggle’s resident interactive and event programming extraordinaire! He has already been working on computer wizardry with us for the NHS, Mitsubishi and McDonalds. Now based in our studio full time, we can’t wait to see what new groundbreaking work we can do together.



Dave keeps a tight control of the helm at Studio Giggle. From working closely alongside clients to editing films his careful attention to detail is present in everything we do. Managing the diversity of work that comes through the studio keeps him on his toes. Dave has over 8 years of experience working in all areas of production, so nothing gets past him.


Digital Artist

Iina arrived at Studio Giggle 5 years ago and she never left! Since then Iina has rapidly progressed up through the ranks and now nothing escapes her discerning eye and perfectionist streak. Iina has designed and animated some of our most celebrated projects. Iina is a creative mastermind, she excels at all things creative, including model making, painting and illustration


Digital Artist

Ed is the backbone of Studio Giggle. There aren’t many projects that his deft hands haven’t touched. From compositing green screen shoots to designing and animating projection mapping projects he has seen it all and has the scars to prove it! More recently, Ed has delved into the world of real-time rendering and is now an expert in Notch, Unreal and Disguise.


Marketing Assistant

Amy is on top of all things marketing and helps to spread the Giggle gospel far and wide. From mail outs and social media to award entries she helps us to maintain a close relationship with our existing clients whilst helping to find us new ones.


Junior Audio Visual Designer

Rory joins Giggle as an expert in sound engineering and sound design. He is working on creating a generative sound piece and improving our work with sound to accompany the animation. Rory is learning Notch, Unreal and Touch Designer.