Our team of design-led animators are second to none. They could be creating character animations for charities to massive car launch content to complex 3D visuals. Every day brings a new challenge.

Boston Consulting Group – Zero Based Budgeting

Boston Consulting Group or BCG has become a regular client to Studio Giggle. They usually come to us for our animation skills. We are often approached to make a product launch or explain a complex offering as an explainer animation. This explainer tackles the concept of Zero Based Budgeting or ZBB. Whenever we are approached…

Deki- Afi’s story

Studio Giggle is proud to work alongside Deki, a Bristol-based charity, who offer financial, educational and community support to entrepreneurs in Togo. Our team were inspired by the charity and created this animation all about Afi, an entrepreneur who, thanks to Deki’s help, has been able to grow her business for a small market stall…

World Vision- Vision Fund

We are very proud to have worked with World Vision for a number of years. VisionFund is microfinance arm, helping to unlock potential for future generations. This film lays out the 5-year strategy to impact 9 million children each year. Using 2D and 3D animation, we are transported across the world with sophisticated camera movements…

Alice in Wonderland

The client was an online library and the book in question was Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece – Alice in Wonderland. Studio Giggle’s visual artist, Iina Kuula, dived into experimenting with moving mixed-media imagery to bring the classic characters to life. Mixing stop motion and puppetry, painting and animation along with written narrative proved challenging but incredibly…


During COVID-19, the team decided to use motion capture technology to create a film about the 5 stages of grief. The film follows 2 indistinct characters as they leave each other before lockdown and head into isolation. Their moods and colours change throughout the film as they try to keep busy. Having read an article…




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