Birmingham Children’s Hospital – Essence of BCH

Studio Giggle has a long term relationship with the NHS, having made countless films and animations over the years. We were approached by Birmingham Children’s Hospital to create a film to focus on the recent successes of the hospital. This follows a huge turnaround in reputation to become a world-leading centre of excellence for Paediatric care. The film was to show that the best of the best come to work here. They also bring humour to their work along with excellent care.

Filmed as a pastiche of a perfume commercial. The film parodies the often extraordinarily situations that the staff find themselves in. We also wanted to reflect the unique camaraderie that paediatric care creates in the staff. We wanted to portray the strong connections that the staff have with their patients and with each other.

Studio Giggle founder and Creative Director Steve Garratt directed the film. He found himself persuading world-famous surgeons to splash each other with water. He even managed to get the CEO of the hospital to dance on her desk.

The result is a heartwarming piece that reflects the new reputation of this extraordinary place to work.