Boston Consulting Group – Zero Based Budgeting

Boston Consulting Group or BCG has become a regular client to Studio Giggle. They usually come to us for our animation skills. We are often approached to make a product launch or explain a complex offering as an explainer animation.

This explainer tackles the concept of Zero Based Budgeting or ZBB. Whenever we are approached by these complex topics, we go into an extended period of desk research so that we really understand the subject that we are portraying. Clients often give us huge tomes to digest and understand the subject. Our job is then to distil this information into something clear and easy to understand. It is often a challenge to get under the skin of these complex concepts. But we pride ourselves in our rigour and understanding the subject matter. We collaborating closely with Boston Consulting Group to portray these concepts in a clear and concise way.

After Effects, Cinema 4D
2D Animation, Explainer