Crisis Christmas Card

Crisis, the homeless charity was a long-standing client for 5 years. We delivered an annual campaign around Christmas e-cards for corporate partnerships. This campaign attracted £500K-£700K every year for the charity with a 10-1 return on investment.

Every year was a wonderful creative challenge. From crazy skits from major comedians to an animated pantomime starring everyone from the band Blue to Matthew Kelly. Every year was a great adventure.

However, our favourite was when we got the opportunity to work with the beneficiaries of Crisis’ incredible work. This campaign featured members of Crisis’ programmes performing Christmas songs. When first viewed, it looked as though they were from a music video but as the camera pulled out it became clear that they were in far from a desirable environment. The end result was a series of touching and entertaining little music spots featuring the talents of the Crisis members.

This year was especially special as the campaign won multiple awards including a gold award for Best Use of Music which then went on to be the Grand Prix winner at the Evcom Film Awards.

We are extremely proud of our work for this wonderful charity.