Deki- Afi’s story

Studio Giggle is proud to work alongside Deki, a Bristol-based charity, who offer financial, educational and community support to entrepreneurs in Togo.

Our team were inspired by the charity and created this animation all about Afi, an entrepreneur who, thanks to Deki’s help, has been able to grow her business for a small market stall into a very popular an busy shop.

Using real images of Afi, her family, and her shop, our team were able to create a beautiful watercolour-inspired animation. But it was important to the whole team that both the animation and the voice over showed how amazing Afi’s journey has been. So Dave, Giggle’s producer, set about writing a poem which we could use to create an emotionally powerful voice over.

Studio Giggle has also helped Deki with their 2019 Christmas campaign, and we will continue to support Deki in the future with their animation and film needs.


2D Animation