NHS Nurse Ambassador Film

To launch the NHS’s ‘Transforming the Perception of Nursing’ programme we created by a film to promote the role of nurse ambassador.

The video needed to help change the way people viewed nursing, to engage with the nursing community and to mobilise them to feel proud and inspired by their work. There was also a particular focus on making nursing seem like an aspirational career choice with limitless possibilities for both the existing workforce and those considering a career in nursing. We wanted to create a video that would help to break moulds and address the issues head-on. We wanted to highlight the expertise of nurses, the care and compassion that they have and to encourage them to start speaking out about their career.

To create a script that fulfilled these wishes, Giggle’s founder, Steve Garratt, spent weeks attending different nursing conferences. This helped him get a sense of the passion that nurses have for their job, their mindset and the terms that they might use.

To help emphasise Steve’s powerful script we worked with Bristol-based company, Holotronica, hologram and projection mapping specialists. Using their innovative hologauze we were able to project images and animation onto a transparent screen in front of the actress. This added an extra dimension to the film.

Felix Manders-Wilde, an undergraduate Nurse (Mental health) at the University of York said;

This film is hard hitting, honest and true. So brilliantly put together. Effective not just for those who are not aware of nursing as a profession, but nurses too. It made me feel proud

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