Porsche – Cayenne Launch in Kuwait

Just before Christmas of 2018, Studio Giggle was approached to launch the new updated Porsche Cayenne in Kuwait. Our partners as always, our long term friends Tarek and Ania at Eleven Production. The event was to happen on the 22nd of January. So with a Christmas break to contend with to stop production, work immediately got underway.


Managing and Creative Director, Jonathan immediately hopped on a plane and went for meetings with the team in Kuwait. It started with recces of the venue in the hotel and lots of meetings with our client. This was followed by in-depth technical meetings with Eleven Production about the set build and AV resources.

Time, as always, was tight. We approached our long term friend and amazing set designer, David Farley to collaborate on the set design. The set had 3 large set pieces to act as projection screens that would hide the cars from the audience. They would then drive out across the set on to reveal the new car.

Meanwhile, the winning team of Hayley and Iina got to work on the animations They created a beautiful combination of animation and the existing mood film for the car to build excitement for the big reveal.

Technical resources are limited in Kuwait so we collaborated with our long term partners in crime, Guy Vellacott and Pandora’s Box guru, Patrick Verhey. Their new company, Pixl Evolution had recently been started and this was one of their first projects as a new company.

On-site Production

We flew out the media servers and wrangled with the Kuwaiti projectors on-site adapting our projection map as we went along. Hayley and Jonathan were on site to provide last-minute technical and content support. The result, as you can see from the video, was an exciting build-up to the launch of this firm favourite in the Porsche line. The show delighted the assembled dignitaries and cemented another great project with our partners in the hottest place on earth!

Creative Direction
3D Animation


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