Sky Q Launch

In 2015 Sky launched it’s replacement for it’s leading Sky + box. Sky Q was it’s name but for 18 months we were sworn to secrecy and given access to the internal workings of the product development department at Sky.

Working closely with the Product Designer Andrew Kennedy, we consulted with Sky to develop a launch event that would match the technological advances of the product. We worked closely with Sky’s branding agency on how the event would look as the brand was a closely kept secret. Brothers and Sisters, the advertising agency were commissioned to create the first advertising campaign and we designed our event around this initial concept of bubbles of colour passing around a house and taking the content from device to TV seamlessly.

Months went into design phase of the event including many different visualisations of possible venues and how the bespoke space would be laid out. The requirement was to have a breathtaking reception area, an impressive presentation space for CEO, Jeremy Darroch and Andrew to present the product. There was then a reveal to the demo space where the awaiting press could try out the product for the first time.

When it came down to it, we had 4 weeks to create the entire content for the 20 minute launch show creating impressive 3D visuals of how the product worked in the home. We commissioned Entourage UK to deliver the actual venue and event build. This was a built on a car park behind the National Theatre on the South Bank in London. We worked closely with Entourage to fit out the space and commissioned Macro Art to print the enormous designs of the product and brand for the walls of the venue. Our long time friends at Anna Valley provided the tech equipment.

The event was a great success for our already long running relationship with Sky creating their launches for TV shows such as Game of Thrones.

Creative Direction


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