Vauxhall at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Following on from or successful project for British Airways, event agency TRO approached the studio to work on a VR experience for Vauxhall at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The brief was to show off the advanced technology of their cars. As always in the world of events, there was a tight turnaround. Our first inclination was to go into a car and film a 360-degree journey overlaying graphics to explain the technology in real life but the schedule and budget constraints sent us back to the drawing board.

We decided instead to take the vehicle into the massive Malcolm Ryan Studios in Wimbledon. We filmed an imaginary journey with lighting creating a white screen out the windows in which we could composite our view. Creative Director Jonathan Brigden’s family were seconded in as cast with the TRO account director driving the car.

We filmed from the point of view of the driver with a 360-degree camera to create the virtual environment.

Taking this footage back into the studio, Visual Artist Duncan Worrall created a beautiful animated 3D environment that passed by the windows as we took a journey from an imaginary city to the beach. All the while a voice-over pointed out the different technical features of the car.

The end result was a virtual reality environment created for the Vauxhall stand a Goodwood Festival of speed that delighted audiences young and old.

Alternative Realities, Creative Direction, Creative Planning
After Effects, Cinema 4D
Animation, Event, Film
360 filming, 3D Animation, Film


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