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As a bit of fun, we decided to create a guide to animation by combining a range of different animation techniques into one film, and visualise our favourite metaphor.

The cakes were a mixture of styles:

Top left – 3D render, using Cinema 4D,

Top right – handmade with paper,

Bottom left – 2D render, using After Effects,

Bottom right – real cupcake, filmed and sped up.

The final cake was made by Iina using clay, and was inspired by Studio Giggle’s love/ obsession with Jaffa cakes.

Post-production included: extending the edges of our mini studio out to seem like a much larger space, colour grading to create different coloured backgrounds, keying out various hands and arms and speeding up sections like Iina’s hand drawing the storyboard.

It was a great excuse to be creative, try something new and basically eat a lot of delicious cake! (No Cakes were harmed in the making of this guide to animation film!)

If you’ve found this guide to animation useful and you want to create your own, then please contact us by emailing or call 0117 244 6106



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