At Giggle we are firm supporters of the NHS and are extremely proud whenever we get the opportunity to work with them. Luckily for us, we have worked with them on numerous occasions over the past decade. We’ve made films about a range of topics from bed ulcers to mental health. Our experience means that we understand the importance of warmth and accessibility when creating content to communicate potentially sensitive issues. Here are some of our favourites:

Above and Beyond (2013)

NHS Patient Stories was a series of films that explored real experiences of those in the NHS’s care. In this film, a patient describes a time when a nurse lent a hand to help her get home.

NHS Constitution (2013)

A relatively simple 2D film that explains the NHS Constitution for England – a document that sets out the objectives, rights and responsibilities, and the guiding principles which govern the service.

Respect and Dignity (2013)

Produced as part of a series of content demonstrating the values of the NHS Constitution, through a narrative.

Every Minute (2013)

Produced for the NHS Heatherwood and Wexham Park Foundation Trust. Patient care is not just about the condition; it is about caring for patients and their families, every minute of every day.

Dementia Awareness (2014)

This film features expert Alistair Burns, National Clinical Director of Dementia, using a thought-provoking analogy to help viewers understand memory loss in people suffering from dementia.

Arriving at South Glasgow University Hospital (2015)

This was a public information film about the new hospital and how to use it, produced for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Career For Life (2017)

A promotional film to encourage more nurses into a lifelong career with the NHS.



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