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December is the season of giving, and it’s no different here at Giggle, as we’re spending December investing some of our free time to help an incredible Bristol-based charity launch their Christmas campaign. Deki is a charity that invests in the future of some of the 590 million people in sub-Saharan Africa that are currently living in poverty. Deki do this through micro-loans at a grassroots level. They also partner this funding with business and community development training. This finance allows entrepreneurs to set up companies and then pay their loan back to Deki, who can reinvest the money in another small company. Their fundraising has helped countless people across Africa get the funding they need to start a business that would support their family and community. Steve has even been putting his years of creative marketing knowledge to good use by becoming a trustee on their board. As part of this, Steve offered our services to help Deki with their Christmas campaign.

To raise awareness of the amazing work that Deki does and increase social media engagement which will hopefully help them get more sponsors they decided to do an advent calendar give away. Each day from the 1st of December until Christmas, Deki is doing a give away over on their social media, the winner of the give away gets a box filled with goodies. Each box contains different prizes, with items that celebrate the vibrancy of the communities of Togo or gifts from the staff and partners of Deki.

So to make this all happen, Dave, our talented producer, has been flexing his editing skills to create content for each day of December. Luckily Deki had thought through the campaign a long time in advance and had lots of fantastic material from a recent trip to Togo. There were even clips of different communities singing Christmas carols or saying Merry Christmas. Dave then created content for each day and finally added a sprinkle of Christmas sparkle! One of the hardest parts of the project was creating a realistic animated version of the box that would start each video.

It’s brought a real Christmas buzz to the studio and enabled us all to do something positive and meaningful at the start of this season of giving.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect from Deki over the next couple of weeks.

If you’re interested in winning a box, all you have to do is follow Deki on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin, like that day’s post and share it with your friends and who knows you could win some amazing prizes!



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