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It’s become a tradition now that every December we spend a little bit of time creating a Christmas card animation to send to all our lovely clients and friends. We’ve been doing this for the last couple of years now and as a result we have built up a collection of different animation styles and techniques!


In 2022 the job of the Christmas Card animation fell to our newest animator, Sophie! This year we wanted to play with texture in the style and what is more festive than a Christmas Jumper!

Sophie had to experiment with different effects in After Effects to get the right texture for a knitted jumper. In addition she had to find some stock footage of a jumper being unravelled, this did not end up being easy and at one stage we considered heading down into our green screen and unravelling a jumper ourselves!

We also wanted to utilise the Giggle Avatars who have featured in animations before, most noteably was the Christmas Card Animation of 2019. This helped to keep the animation on brand and familar to our audience.

The result was a beautiful, festive animation that we all love!



In 2020 we wanted to use our Christmas card as a way to reflect on the hard year that we had all had. It was an opportunity to show that we were grateful to our clients for their continued support. Despite it being a globally very difficult and unprecedented year, Studio Giggle were very lucky to have an incredibly successful year.

We pivoted a number of live events to virtual events, won Manchester United as a new client and started working with an extended reality studio which allowed us to produce an incredibly high quality virtual event for CVC.

So we treated our Christmas Card animation as a showreel of some of the highlights of the year. Our Director of Art, Iina designed a Christmas tree with video baubles that played our highlights.




2019 was the year of the Giggle Avatars!  Earlier in the year we created animated characters for our whole team. We then started to make a series of funny and relatable animations using, well, ourselves! So it only felt right that at Christmas we would recreate some of our favourite Christmas films.

Early in November, we started embracing the Christmas spirit early by trying to find some of the best and funniest moments from Christmas films. Over the course of a couple of days, we painstakingly whittled the list down to just 4 clips. Here are the ones that we went for in the end.



In 2018, Ed and Iina spent an age creating a Christmassy Rube Goldberg machine! A Rube Goldberg machine is a contraction built by chain reactions that are all key in order for the machine to focus.

From start to finish the whole project took 5 days and over 21 hours to render!



Was the year of the Christmas pudding! This was another animation whipped up by animation extraordinaire Iina! The animation follows the journey



In 2016 Giggle turned the Christmas lights on for a whole village!



In 2015 we took inspiration from popular culture and styled our Christmas Card Animation on the designs of Orla Kiely.



In 2013 Gimble the Giggle G found love at Christmas, but all goes horrible wrong!



This Christmas Card Animation was inspired by the idea of unboxing Christmas and Christmas Crackers!



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