Studio Giggle have been working with UNESCO; the UN agency who have made constellation of living heritage.

UNESCO wanted an animation to promote a new site that takes over 500 archived elements of global heritage and displays them interactively. Using web-semantics and an artistic graphic visualisation, ‘Dive into Intangible Cultural Heritage’ explores the deep connections across domains, geography and ecosystems that link the world together.

The animation needed to be suitable for an official launch event, but also to live online for the public to access. UNESCO had a dozen companies vying to work with them, and they chose Studio Giggle based on their strong animation portfolio. With a 3 week-turnaround, they also needed a company that could act fast.

After a couple of meetings on Skype with the Paris` office, Studio Giggle quickly got to work, expanding on the initial concept and storyboard that the client had prepared. After a few rounds of storyboarding, they were onto the animatic stage – the process of laying out a storyboard as a video, to discuss timings and motion. Once the animatic and the script were signed off, the voiceover was recorded in both English and French, and the animation came together in the studio, led by designer Ed Vosper.

The film was shown on big screens at a successful global launch event in Mauritius (November 2018). There was positive feedback from the client, and the film is hosted on their popular youtube channel.
“The reception of the teaser has been very positive! I have heard only positive comments.” Hugues Sicard, Knowledge Management Specialist

You can explore the site for yourself here:

Animation was the best way of explaining UNESCO’s product as it allows the viewer to experience the visualisation. The script, along with a soundscape and video content immerse the audience, and like all good animation, it makes the complex simple. Used correctly, the film will drive conversions to the visualisations and a global audience can enjoy discovering their cultural heritage.

If you have an animation in mind, our team of experts will turn your ideas into reality; quickly and smoothly.



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