Did you know that Giggle were behind the Game of Thrones UK premieres from seasons 4-6? Here’s a how we did it…

Game of Thrones Season 4 – UK Premiere

Sky and The Giggle Group took over the Guildhall in London to project the Game of Thrones Ice Wall onto the front to the building. We covered every window in paper. Now the building was a blank slate, ready for us to project a clean image on to it.  The key was to ensure we left no gaps.  How successful we had been would only be revealed when the sun started to set and the event began. Projection mapping can be a bit nail biting as the sun slowly creeps over the yardarm.

The Giggle team worked late into the night with the Anna Valley team. We lined up the projectors to hit the building and made final tweaks and adjustments. All this to ensure total readiness at the moment of Sunset the next day. Finally we were ready.  We declared the scaffold tower out of bounds for the following day to avoid any possibility of the projectors shifting position!

Game of Thrones Season 5 – World Premiere!

What an epic! 6 weeks before the Premiere, Sky asked us to collaborate on a unique event at The Tower of London. Inspired by the success of the previous year’s UK event, HBO asked Sky Atlantic to launch the world premiere of Game of Thrones Season 5.  The event was a massive undertaking. We immediately approached the amazing guys at Entourage Live to commence production management of the event.

The plan was to create two bespoke structures – a cinema and a party venue in the moat surrounding the iconic landmark.  These required a crane and a very steady-handed crane operator.  Bingo!  The Tower metamorphosed into London’s second biggest cinema for one night only.  A 60m red carpet guided 35 members of the Game of Thrones cast to the screening.

The Giggle pièce de résistance was the animated dragons we created as huge pieces of projection content.  The projected dragons swooped along the length of the moat wall.  Creating the dragons from scratch using pixomondo models was a labour of love. Audio effects were the original dragon sounds to add GOT authenticity.  Anna Valley provided the projector line up covering the entire moat wall with 4 huge towers.

Game of Thrones Season 6 – Adweek

Technically,  the opening night of Adweek but, another epic nontheless. We revived the Tower of London dragons and reanimated their moves and point of view. Our canvas was the beautiful (and very intricate) ceiling of Southwark Cathedral. The dragons swooped and soared, peered at the audience from the balustrades and breathed ‘fire’ onto the unsuspecting guests below.

In addition, we created an interactive photo experience.

A host invited guests, queuing to enter the cathedral, to participate by standing in front of Kinect cameras using specially-developed facial tracking software. Scanning the guests’ faces allowed us to upload the data files to our servers.  In turn, the show’s Wall of Faces was seeded with real faces in real-time.  Providing a perfect symmetry with the show’s marketing, and allowed guests the unnerving experience of seeing themselves as a disembodied head in the Wall as they arrived in the main venue.



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