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There’s no such thing as a quiet week at Studio Giggle! That was certainly the case recently when we ran two virtual partnership events for Manchester United, and PwC’s annual CEO Survey Launch all within the space of 24 hours.

This was our 8th and 9th event working for Manchester United on their partnership experiences. These events involve creating a bespoke virtual platform so that Manchester United Partners can interact with ‘Legends’ like Andrew Cole and Bryan Robson. But this event was extra special as they were for International Women’s Day, so viewers got to interact with the Women behind Manchester United Success. This involved Man United Chief Operating Officer, Collette Roche, Chief Marketing Officer, Catherine Newman, and many others. This, therefore, provided the partners with a completely different experience than the normal ‘Team Talks.’ Engagement for the event was really strong, with participants asking lots of questions.

VIrtual Event hosted by Manchester United

Once the Manchester United Partnership event was over, we produced another event, in the afternoon for all the staff at Manchester United. This event was also based around International Women’s Day. We had over 500 Manchester United staff members attending this event which was huge.

When the final Manchester United event wrapped, Nick and Jon, who had been running the events in Manchester, jumped straight back into their cars and drove from Manchester to Bristol and got straight into rehearsals for the PwC event. The PwC event was in partnership with CNBC Catalyst.

The PwC CEO Survey proved to be more challenging than we had imagined. The event had 8 VVIP guests, including Alison Rose (CEO at  NatWest Group), Klaus Schwab (Founder and Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum) and PwC’s Global Chairman, Bob Moritz, all dialling in via vMix to participate in a panel led by CNBC’s Emma Crosby.

But this meant that we had to audio route over 11 vMix calls into our systems. All our investment into new hardware and software really paid off on this one. Thanks to a little bit of NDI magic, and some fantastic work by our technical team of Nick and Ed, we were able to make it work so that everyone could hear one another and hear us. The VVIP guests didn’t have the time for tests, so our team stepped up and channelled their inner CEO to test out the systems so that we could ensure everything was perfect by the time the guests arrived.

Studio Giggle working on the PwC Virtual Event

In the end, we had over 1000 people attending the PWC event. This was a huge pressure on our bespoke platform, but we didn’t have any issues and the event went off without a hitch.

The whole team worked extremely hard over the 72 hours in the run-up to the shows. And after taking a week or so to recharge slightly, we’re now ready to do it all over again!

If you would like to find out more about the PWC Event, please click here. If you would like to talk to us about creating something similar then please email or call 0117 972 0081.



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