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Studio Giggle’s Wall of Faces

Last night the Giggle team travelled to the far corners of the UK to run a special experience for Sky VIP winners as they attended 7 different events in 7 cities. Amy and Will (our amazing software programmer) in London; Ed in Glasgow; Iina in Dublin; Jonathan in Birmingham; Steve in Newcastle; Dave in Cardiff and Tom in Manchester.

Each one of us was looking after a Kinect and two VVV programmed photo capture stations. As the guests entered the event they were invited to stand in front of the camera. The camera sensed their presence and overlaid their face on a 3D mannequin. Will’s amazing software then simply took their photo and sent it to a server that was holding the wall of dead faces from the show. As the evening progressed the public could spot their faces coming and going from the wall. Will was on hand in London with technical support to make sure the stations were all running as we connected to him with wifi dongles.

A great evening was had by all. Special thanks to the fabulous Mother of Dragons, Sharon Kersley at Bam Bam Productions and all the project managers around the UK. The public loved the experience and in all venues, we got through most of the audience managing 100s of pictures through the evening.



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