Game of Thrones: That time we turned the Guildhall into the Ice Wall

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It was 11pm on Monday 24th March and the Giggle team was perched on top of a 3 story scaffolding block in the freezing cold.

We were at the Guildhall in London, the majestic location of the Game of Thrones season 4 premiere. And we were hanging off scaffolding in the middle of the night because for one evening only we were turning the Guildhall into the famous GoT Ice Wall.

Using the sorcery of After Effects and complex projection software we were bringing the magic of Essos and Westeros to central London (give or take a few dragons).

After creating an icy, snowy, windy animation at Giggle HQ in Bristol, complete with crumbling ice logo reveal, we temporarily relocated to London for two nights to set up the projection. This involved a whole load of jiggery-pokery to align the bespoke projection grid to the building, then waiting for nightfall to see how the animation looked in full-scale glory. After a few chilly hours troubleshooting, tweaking, and edging logos millimetres to the left and back, we were good to go.

The following evening, the Guildhall came to life with whirling snow and crumbling ice. As the guests arrived and the selfies started, momentarily our projection was the star of the show. Then the actual stars of the show arrived and we became just as swept up in the evening as everyone else, before being treated to the screening of the Game of Thrones season 4 premiere for our efforts.



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