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For the past month, Studio Giggle have been working on content for EY’s World Entrepreneur of the Year.

Since 2001, this glitzy event in the South of France has been a prestigious business awards program for entrepreneurs around the world.

After successfully crafting content last year, Giggle were back again to wow the audience with their stage graphics. Guided by experienced Creative Director Jonathan Brigden, Giggle were the perfect fit, covering all bases; with a strong technical know how and in-house experienced designers. Having worked many times before with Executive Producer Cassidy Knowles, agency Rizer knew they were in safe hands.

Creating content for events always follows a well trodden path at Studio Giggle. The project kicked off weeks in advance of the event with the concept creation. There were two slightly differently themed nights, and Giggle used the set designs to make stage visualisations. Seeing the style frames in situ always makes for a smoother client sign off process.

The event comprised of seven main deliverables, which were then split into hundreds of different animated files. Each of the 47 contenders for the top prize required a walk up, in addition to living holds, transitions, title slides, graphics for the band and a winners animation. The final piece in the puzzle was the delivery of music and the Voice of God recordings (announcements).

The production process allowed time for pre-programming in the UK and remote support during the event. Everything was said to have gone very smoothly.

“Thank you SO much for your help again, the show looked incredible”.

Kassie McDonald, content producer for Rizer, said that the event went brilliantly.

It was a real pleasure being a part of the World Entrepreneur of the Year, and now… we move straight onto the next event in need of content!



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