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In April 2018 we worked closely with OVO CEO Stephen Fitzpatrick to tell the story of OVO and the rationale behind the creation of a whole line of new energy products.

Launched in 2009, OVO has set out to make energy cheaper, greener, and simpler. They aim to bring great service, clear information, and honesty to their 800,000 customers. OVO don’t want to simply offer 100% renewable electricity but use technology to help build an energy system of the future, which means that one day the UK can be solely powered by renewables.  

OVO were planning the most important keynote speech in their history, and they needed 30 minutes worth of large screen content to project their vision.

When OVO enlisted the help of Bam Bam Productions, partnering with Studio Giggle was an easy decision. With a strong working relationship going back many years, Studio Giggle are very well known in the industry for being specialists in large screen animated content for events. Multiple meetings were set up so that Studio Giggle could have a crash course in the renewable energy knowledge needed to make the beautiful, highly technical animated content required.

During the event, CEO Stephen Fitzpatrick outlined how they are solving future energy challenges using artificial intelligence and technology to redesign the entire energy system.

He then launched a range of revolutionary products aimed at the distributed, domestic energy system of the future:

– The OVO Vehicle-to-Grid Charger, which discharges energy back into the grid at peak times,

– The OVO Smart Charger, that intelligently charges your car off-peak when energy is cheaper and demand is lower,

– and the OVO Home Energy Storage device which stores energy during off-peak periods, then pumps it back into the grid during periods of high demand.

The content worked flawlessly and the event was a resounding success, prompting OVO’s founder and CEO to provide a glowing testimonial:

“I want to say an enormous thank you for putting together such a knock-out event. You turned our vision into reality, and surpassed expectations. I think the event took the energy world by storm and hopefully now everyone is talking about OVO – nervously!Particular thanks go to Sharon (Bam Bam Productions) for bringing her special blend of magic and rigorous discipline to pull everything together. And to Jon and his team (Studio Giggle) for producing such fantastic animations – so many people have since commented on them.” CEO Stephen Fitzpatrick

Aside from the top energy industry figureheads that were in the room, the content produced by Studio Giggle was widely tweeted by OVO during the event, and was picked up by the press, including Forbes. This keynote has really put OVO on the map as a leading player in renewable energy provision in the UK and one of the most innovative companies in the world. It was another success for Studio Giggle too, and helps firmly cement them at the top of their game for animated event content.



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