This time last year we probably wouldn’t have predicted that in January 2021 we would be talking about virtual events, but here we are. Virtual events have made a huge impact in the last 6 months and have allowed us to have some form of normality in the event industry. But things look like they could change again later this year.

With the implementation of the vaccine and stricter lockdown restrictions in place, we can only hope that by the summer we might be able to start thinking about live events again. But what does this mean for Virtual events? Well, the answer could be hybrid events.

There are numerous benefits of hosting a virtual event in comparison to a live event. We have found that virtual events often save our clients money as there is no need to pay large booking fees for venues. There is also a huge environmental benefit to hosting virtual events in that people can do this from home. Last September we produced a virtual event for CVC’s annual investor meeting. Normally participants fly into London from all around the globe, but this year they were able to simply attend from their home.

Corporate use of an XR stage for a virtual events

But there are also a number of benefits to live events. It’s what we all know and love, so it seems easy to return to. One of the biggest benefits of live events is the human interaction (and this is something that I think most of us have missed in the last year, specifically extrovert and creative director, Steve Garratt). We’ve seen a number of successful networking events being held virtual, but they don’t compare to meeting someone in person and forming a meaningful connection.

Studio Giggle's work on display at Diageo's Bartender of the year awards in 2019- Look real people, sat near one another!!
Studio Giggle's work on display at Diageo's Bartender of the year awards in 2019- Look real people, sat near one another!!

Well, hybrid events can be the best of both worlds. You can still have people attending in person make the most of all the networking and (no doubt) booze-fueled evenings. But you can also have people watching live on a stream from anywhere across the globe. Both participants (live and virtual) can interact with the event in the same way. With the use of an XR Studio, you could even have remote participants ’beam in’ to a live panel and engage in discussions.

So it looks like hybrid events could be to 2021, what virtual events were to 2020, but only time will tell! If you would like to discuss virtual or hybrid events, XR studios or live events please get in touch with Jonathan by emailing or call 0117 972 0081.



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