We all know the phrase ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, well the same can be said for building an XR studio! When we first set about creating our XR studio, we knew that our team already had a lot of the skills that we needed to create content, but we just needed a bit of extra help. So we started to create an XR team to rival all XR teams!

We started by making Nick Diacre, a long time friend of Giggle, a permanent member of staff. Nick has started as our technical director and was in charge of the technical decisions for the build of the XR studio. Nick is responsible for large amounts of the integrations of various elements for our XR project. He already was a crack disguise programmer; he quickly mastered our newly bought stype camera tracking kit, he has a deep understanding of systems engineering and is also a master of streaming through vMix. Integrating all of these different technologies in a systematic way is the key to making the whole project work successfully.

Nick, Iina and Ed (our digital artists) have been squirreling away becoming experts at creating real time content for the XR studio. That is mainly working within software such as Notch and Unreal Engine. We are constantly working on making beautiful real time environments for virtual events to stand out from the crowd.

Once we were confident that our internal team was ready for the challenge of an XR studio, we had to turn our attention to the wider creative world to fill in the gaps. This process took a long time as we really wanted to make sure that we had a perfect team, with all the right equipment. 

So we’d like to introduce the rest of our XR team:

Gray Matter Video

Dan Gray and Dave Voyce run this amazing Disguise house. Their ownership and knowledge of Disguise GX2C servers enables us to calibrate stages and LED walls.

The partnership of their expertise with programmers such as Andy Coates, Rich Porter and Luke Halls means that some of the most experienced programmers have developed our project to be one of the most stunning stages around.

iMAG Displays

iMAG Displays is Gray Matter’s partner in AV hire. iMAG have the right Roe wall and floor coupled with Brompton’s amazing processing power to make the LED stage look as vibrant and as ‘clean’ as possible.

Our Friends and knowledge pool

This technology needs a lot of collaboration, and we have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from extremely bright and talented people from our industry who have been so willing to share their knowledge with us:

Scott Millar is an XR stage guru and has also been a fantastic source of support and inspiration for Nick in pulling all this together.  

We also have strong ties with Pixl and Anna Valley in London who we are consistently collaborating with on all our AV work for events.

The pooling of knowledge and experience has been instrumental in our success of working in these extraordinary new virtual environments. The power of this new technology is inspiring and we are keen to see where these new abilities take us.

If you’d like to know more about our virtual events and the capabilities of the XR stage, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing jon@studiogiggle.co.uk or call 0117 972 0081



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