Lockdown might have put an end to travelling the world, but we haven’t let that stop us…. from doing some virtual travelling using extended reality!

People have always said that our content is ‘out of this world’, well this week we put this to the test by having a bit of (Covid safe) fun in our extended reality (XR) studio. We took to our green screen studio to play around with some client concepts and whilst we were there we did some exploration of our own.

Here we are using a combination of Unreal Engine, Stype Camera tracking and Pixotope to create real-time generated content.

We use our green screen studio to test out all of our concepts and software integrations. In order to ensure that we can offer our clients the very best we will often test and previsualise projects on the green screen before we use LED, this allows us to really scrutinise our work and check for any errors.

We can also run virtual events without using an LED XR Studio and instead just use the green screen. This is a more affordable option than LED. The only real big differences are it is easier to interact with the surroundings in LED and also you are much more sensitively lit in an LED volume.

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