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Throughout the summer of 2018 Steve, Dave and Sharon flew around the world to film green screen shoots for our annual CVC event. It was an interesting smorgasbord of different studios from Paris to Kuala Lumpur.

The brief, for CVC’s business conference, centred around CEO’s from global brands that wanted to present on stage at the Savoy, but couldn’t be there in person. The solution? To film them on their home turf, and key them in, life-sized, onto huge 4-meter-high screens and an animated stage.

July took Steve to Asia:

Jakarta, Indonesia – 3 shoots

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 1 shoot

Tokyo, Japan – 2 shoots

And in August it was Europe:

Paris, France – 2 shoots

Warsaw, Poland – 2 shoots

Vienna, Austria – 1 shoot

London, UK – 1 shoot

Studio Giggle also co-ordinated shoots in California, USA and Reykjavik, Iceland.

The crew was kept consistent throughout which was important as all the contributors needed to be shot with the same camera, at the same distance and in the same style. Logistics in the Far East required the knowledge of local fixers, while the shoots in Europe – less of an unknown – were managed solely from Bristol.

Researching the studios was key, and it took time to find a large studios, with the right camera and lighting kit, within a 20 minute car journey of the CEO’s offices.

Tokyo was first up and set the bar high, with the most well-equipped studio that Studio Giggle have ever worked in (both above). This contrasted sharply with Jakarta! (left) But as ever it’s the people that make a shoot and a large, very hard working crew made sure there was never a drop in standards.

Everything came to an end in September when Dave shot the final, 14th film at Camberwell Studios in London (right).

The client attended all of the shoots which was helpful as they were able to make last minute script edits on the day. Everything ran smoothly, albeit some serious jet lag!



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