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In February we worked with UNESCO to create a film for the Internet for Trust Global Conference. Studio Giggle have worked with UNESCO before on its Intangible Cultural Heritage project several years ago. For the conference, UNESCO commissioned a film that would set the narrative to connect emotionally with the participants and create an atmosphere to mobilise participants to co-create the model regulatory framework.

The film needed to present the topics covered in the conference, through creative and emotional storytelling; make participants aware of the urgency and their role to address the challenges; and create awareness of the impact on society. So we worked closely with UNESCO from the concept of the idea, to ensure that this was achieved.

We also wanted to film to be hard-hitting, but motivational in tone. So the first step was creating a killer script. We reached out to Jeremiah Brown, an incredible poet and actor, to write an original piece focusing on the impact of the internet. Jeremiah wrote a strong, thought-provoking and impactful poem to start the conference.

The narrative was combined with clear and bold visuals to engage in-person delegates and online viewers, alike. But we had to carefully balance visuals that would enhance the narrative and visuals that would distract from them. Our team created animations relating to Jeremiah’s script that could be projected, therefore colour pallet and framing were very important elements of the design. Once the animations had been created, we headed into our Studio, where we rigger a rear projection screen, raised stage and 4.7mx3.8m Hologauze. Hologauze is an ultra-thin mesh that can be projected onto but also allows back plate projection simultaneously. This, therefore, creates a sense of depth in the visual output. This level of detail and depth would not have been attainable through post-production alone. We also used two different camera angles, which allowed us to create moments of impact when Jeremiah looked directly down the lens of the second camera.

The Internet for Trust conference was held in Paris at UNESCO’s Headquarters. It was attended in person by politicians, judges, government officials, journalists and many more (including the President of Brazil!). But it was also live-streamed, increasing the audience massively. Due to the global nature of the film, it was shot in English but a version was provided with French subtitles.

UNESCO was thrilled with how the film turned out. The reception in the room and online was very positive too. One of the speakers on a panel later on in the conference even commented on how good the video was as part of their presentation. Following the conference, it was released online to a much wider audience and helped to spark a debate around the global issue. Oscar Castellanos, Associate Communications Officer at UNESCO, said:

We are very happy with how it all came together from concept proposal to seeing the video in the room. Many thanks for your incredible work.

The video has been viewed over 3,000 times on Youtube. It also went down a storm on social media: on Instagram, the film gained over 1650 likes and 23 comments. On Facebook, it gained 105 reactions, 16 comments and was viewed by 913 people. On LinkedIn it was viewed by 5046 people, was reposted 45 times, gained 6 comments and 162 reactions. On Twitter, it was retweeted 20 times, quoted 5 times, liked 71 times and bookmarked twice.

It was a great project for all of our team to get involved in. We’re looking forward to creating more work with UNESCO in the future. If you would like to create a film like this or want to talk to one of our award-winning experts in content creation, call 0117 972 0081 or email jon@studiogiggle.co.uk



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