Best Films

Steve: Pikachu Detective

Jon: The Favourite, Marriage Story,

Dave: Toy story 4!

Iina: Rocketman, Booksmart, Tigers are not Afraid

Ed: A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon
Amy: Rocketman! (Even if I couldn’t get the songs out of my head for weeks!!)

Best TV

Steve: Line of Duty, Fleabag Season 2, Cup Cake & Dino, Russian Doll

Jon: The Morning Show, The Crown, Chernobyl, His Dark Materials, Fleabag 2

Dave: The Crown – impressive how the writers have turned royal life into a thrilling soap. You know that real events have been dramatised but you kind of let them off. Matt Smith’s Prince Philip is great fun to watch.

Iina: Stranger things, Russian Doll, Umbrella academy… oh no I can’t choose!

Ed: Chernobyl – Although very bleak the way it was portrayed was harrowing yet informative about the events that unfolded.
Amy: I was a bit of a latecomer to Fleabag so binged all of season 1 a week before season 2 came out. After the final episode, it felt like I was in mourning for an actual friend! Special mention also for Years and Years for providing a bleak and terrifyingly realistic look into our future

Our favourite project 

Steve: Nurse Ambassador Film was a great team effort, everyone adding something to it. CVC Asian Green Screens was a worldwide adventure for me.

Jon: World Economic Forum, Davos. A massive challenge and incredible collaboration.

Dave: The NHS nursing film was brilliant. The feedback we received made me feel that we’d nailed the brief. It was also fun collaborating with our neighbours Holotronica on the holographic content.

Iina: NHS ambassador, was fun to work with a mix of film, animation, projection and holograms! And the end result came together nicely

Ed: I really enjoyed working for Google on two projects this year, one for Google Beach in Cannes and GTech in Dublin.
Amy: Working alongside Bristol 24/7 and Cardboard Creatives on a film about homeless people in Bristol turning their attention to acting and after 2 weeks of intense rehearsals, they put on an amazing piece of forum theatre at Bristol Old Vic.

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