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We’re very happy to welcome Sabrina back to Studio Giggle! Sabrina was with Giggle from 2012- 2015 as a producer but has now rejoined the company as our Account Director. Sabrina will now be responsible for maintaining relationships with our clients and will work across projects to ensure that our clients get the very best from us. Some of you reading this may remember Sabrina from the last time that she was here, but for those who don’t, or if you want a little reminder, here’s a bit more about her.

What is your role at Giggle?

As account director, my role is to deliver exceptional client experience and satisfaction, working with our team to deliver quality creative, set strategic goals and enhance our internal processes… it’s about people at the heart of it, learning, developing and improving how we work together and making the very best content! During this initial phase, I’m absorbing as much as possible to gather insight into the virtual event world and get a clear idea of how to streamline and improve our business performance overall, and I welcome feedback!

Studio Giggle's new Account Director, Sabrina

What is your background?

For those that don’t know me, I actually moved to Bristol for a role with Giggle eight years ago… I’m a glutton for punishment, what can I say? I kicked off my career working in hospitality as an event manager, then moving agency side into event and content production, primarily within employee and brand communications, followed by a secondment to a business performance consultancy developing leadership workshops and training, and finally really focusing my career in account and project management within the world of video and animation production. I’ve been particularly lucky to work with the most incredible colleagues and crew, as well as amazing clients and fascinating contributors across the world!

What has changed the most since you were last at Giggle?

Giggle has definitely taken a big leap forward in its ability to deliver complex virtual and live event content! I’m so impressed by how we’ve managed to adapt, navigate and deliver such high quality (and high profile) technical event content, with an army of amazing partners and during a global pandemic! Otherwise, it’s all very similar; we’re still producing lots of film and animation content and have a team that will work faster, harder, smarter and better than you could imagine!

What made you want to come back to Giggle?

I’ve spent this summer working with a professional business coach to explore my core values and future vision. And over a beer with Steve, which felt like serendipitous timing, a position with Giggle was available. And so, it was timing really, but the clincher for me was Giggle’s culture and the constant drive to develop and push its boundaries. Everyone is fearless, has the most positive attitude and no-one takes themselves too seriously; I like that. I was being offered the opportunity to develop and grow with the studio, and I found the prospect exciting!

Tell me a little bit about yourself

I’m both action and relationship-driven and have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm for almost anything, almost. People have conflicting views about my ability to tell stories, I’ve rather messy hair and I attempt to speak foreign languages. I’m arguably a professional bridesmaid.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I dabble with exercise; running and yoga and such likes. When not locked down or isolated, I spend lots of time hosting and entertaining, and I can’t deny I do love a drink. More recently I’ve embraced all things DIY and love spending time titivating around the house. I’ve spent the last seven months working with Age U.K. as a telephone befriender for isolated elderly people which has been an amazing experience and hope to continue hosting tea parties for over 70s with a charity called ReEngage. I am definitely on the wild swimming bandwagon. I am generally obsessed with watching dramas, documentaries and films… which I guess is appropriate!

What have you worked on that you are proudest of?

As I reflect on the productions I’ve worked on with Giggle over the years, I find myself spoiled for choice because I am proud of so many. I’ve especially loved working on projects in the public sector and charities, as well as the more corporate marketing and event content. Two special highlights:

Crisis Christmas Ecard Campaign

I saw the crisis film through from inception, to delivery. I really enjoyed the creative process and working with the Crisis members. They were all just hilarious, but their stories were all so amazing. It felt like a really fun, collaborative and rewarding project for everybody. It was a really good experience, with a really happy client at the end of it.

Game of Thrones Season 5 World Premiere Projection Content

Game of Thrones- That project was incredibly stressful and we had 3 weeks to recreate the dragons to be projected onto the Tower of London. HBO gave me the contact details of the German company who had created the dragon graphics for the actual show. The company laughed when we told them that we needed their graphics for a projection mapping job. They laughed and said, “It’s not possible. They are not the right codec. You won’t be able to project it, you’ll just have to recreate the dragons”. From that moment we knew that this would be a fun but mad project! It was such a great result though, and it felt like a really proud moment for the studio to see our work not only projected on the Tower of London in front of a large crowd but also to see all the coverage on TV and across all the media.



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