We’re now qualified mental health first aiders!

At the beginning of November, 8 of our team took part in a two-day mental health first aid training course.

Group of people standing in front of a sign that says 'Congratulations you are now a mental health first aider'

The world of live events can be very stressful at times, often negatively affecting our mental health. It is also a topic which is regularly overlooked or belittled in the name of ‘productivity’ or ‘efficiency’. Yet medical first aiders are required on-site at most events or shoots in order to look after our physical health, but what about mental health first aiders? It was for this reason that we wanted to make sure that our team were clued up on key warning signs and symptoms and knew how to look after those who may be struggling.

The course was led by the wonderful Ellie Hale at The Agency Collective. Ellie expertly guided our team through some incredibly tough and challenging topics in a sensitive, delicate, yet incredibly informative way. Our whole team has learnt so much about mental health over the last two days and going forward we are now more prepared to support our team, contractors, suppliers and anyone and everyone else.

Mental Health First aid course

We are now better informed and equipped to deal with the demands of live events, work and everyday life, and can support friends, family, contractors and anyone else that they may encounter who is struggling.

The majority of our team are also qualified First Aiders, having received training last year, so we’re now fully prepared for any situation an event can throw at us!

If you want to find out more about mental health first aid, click here.



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