This week we took on Raven, a year 10 student from Clevedon School, for work experience.

Raven wants to be a cartoonist once she’s finished college, so working at Studio Giggle for a week was a great way for her to gain experience in a range of different animation styles and techniques.


Raven met the team and learnt about what we what we do. She was introduced to Photoshop and put her take on the Studio Giggle logo. When we learnt Raven was a keen cartoonist we had to get her to draw us!

Raven’s drawing of Giggle, based on our photos from the website


Raven continued to spend time on Photoshop. She made a poster with the theme of ‘the summer solstice’ and made us a step-by-step guide of how to create a fictional character.


The middle of the week was spent on set, at Band Studios, where Raven observed a shoot. A presenter was filmed in a white infinity cove, and animations will be added later. A good insight into behind the scenes.


Raven showed us her own work that she had animated on her iPad. She shadowed Ed and Iina who were using some of our animating software: Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects.


Raven finished up any outstanding work and continued learning more about our software and character designs. She also saw some Holographic content that Ed was working on. “I enjoyed coming up with character designs. I also enjoyed learning how to use software that makes animating faster than the app I use on my iPad.” Raven

When asked to sum up her week, Raven simply said that it was better than being at school.

We will take that.

It was a successful week. Raven was even kind enough to bring in some Jaffa cakes for us!



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