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Over the years, when we have a quiet period of time (which does rarely happen), we task our animator team to create some fun Giggle related animations! This gives the animation a chance to try new styles and techniques before we offer them to clients

Giggle Avatar Adventures

Back in 2019 our wonderfully talented digital artists, Ed and Iina, created the whole Giggle team as animated avatars. This led to lots of funny ideas about what we could make these avatars do! We created a list of ideas for these mini Gifs. Two of which are below.

The first, inspired by Scooby Do and those pesky kids getting away with it, we decided to play with the idea of Managing Director, Jon, chasing the creative team dressed as a monster, only for his face to be revealed later!

The second shows Ed working on a render that goes wrong at the very last second! Renders crashing can be a regular occurrence when working on large technical projects, so this animation was inspired by real-life experience and frustration!!

To see more of our Giggle Avatar Adventures, check out our 2019 Christmas Card!


Making spooky animations for Halloween is always fun!

The first animation below, was made by Iina, our Art Director in 2019 when we had an animated Pumpkin Carving competition between her and Ed, our digital artist!

The second is another take on Halloween by Sophie, and includes all the spooky elements of Halloween, particularly the spooky laughter!

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a day that deserves to be recognised and celebrated. This animation does just that. The animation was created by Sophie, our Junior Animator, who had joined us only 2 weeks before International Women’s Day and this was her first independent project.


After being postponed in 2020, the Tokyo Olympics finally took place in the summer of 2021. To celebrate the occasion we created an animation showcasing some of our favourite events at the summer Olympics. But it turns out animating a dressage horse seemed to be slightly too challenging on this occasion!!

Summer animation

For the Late Summer Bank Holiday in 2021, Junior animator, Sophie took inspiration from the Great British ever-changing ‘summer’ weather! However, the animation was a good omen and it turned into a sunny day!

St Patrick’s Day

Back in 2019, we celebrated St Patrick’s Day in the Studio with a little shamrock animation! This was created by Iina our Art Director

Chinese New Year

In 2022 we’re channelling our inner tiger as we head into a new Lunar Year. This year’s Chinese New Year animation was made by Junior Digital Artist, Sophie Panteli. Sophie was inspired by a 3d projected animation that she saw on Instagram and thought that Chinese New Year was the perfect time to try this style out.


There are also a number of internal animations that we have made through out the years that weren’t for any special occasion or holiday.

This animation allowed us to play with new ways of animating our Studio Giggle ident. This playful animation takes inspiration from our four-legged friends.



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