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In the last few months, our team has gained a few new members of the Giggle Gang (Nick, Rory and Sabrina), but we also welcomed Milena into our crazy little world! Milena has joined Studio Giggle as a PA/Production Assistant and is based down in Brighton like Jon. She will be overseeing and assisting with projects and general studio admin to ensure that nothing gets missed. But she has also taken on the very stressful role of becoming Jon’s assistant, so she will be keeping him in order! Milena has vast amounts of experience working in production of all kinds of events, so was the perfect fit for the role!

Tell me a little bit about yourself

Well, I was born and raised in Argentina but moved over to the UK in 2015. I love Argentina, but I wanted to challenge myself, so I thought ‘Hey! Why not move to England!’. Before moving here I was working as a production assistant in Argentina.

I’ve always loved the behind the scenes element of production and seeing how things are done. If production is done well, people don’t even know you are there but things just happen!

What is your role at Giggle?

That is a complicated question! I work very closely with Jon as his assistant, I manage his agenda, and make sure he does the things that he needs to do. At the same time, I am the production assistant, so I work across our projects and manage our Streamtime and Xero. But part of being a production assistant means helping anyone in the team, one day it could be researching VR and AR to help Ed with a project, the next day I could be helping Amy with award entries, and the next day I could be chasing invoices for Dave. I just like to make everyone’s life a little bit easier, even if that’s just by using my coffee skills to make someone a really good coffee!

What is your background?

Both of my parents actually used to work in production, so I’ve pretty much grown up surrounded by it. Since I left high school I’ve worked both in house and freelance on a number of different projects and productions. I’ve started working in stadiums as an usher, then moved on to assist in the logistics of festivals; at one point I was the only person at the venue who spoke English so I got to work really closely with Madonna’s production team, they even gave me VIP tickets for the show! But I’ve also worked on theatre shows, and on political campaign events.

Milena back stage a show

You are based down in Brighton with Jon, what is one of your favourite things about Brighton?

One of the best things about Brighton is the people! They are all just so friendly and the whole city feels really welcoming. When I first moved over here I couldn’t decide between living in London or Brighton, but everyone in Brighton was just so great that I instantly knew this was the place for me!

Milena, our production assistant, in Brighton

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Recently I’ve really enjoyed getting into cooking. I’m a big fan of true crime documentaries (If you’ve seen The Jinx… Wow! If you haven’t then I highly recommend it). But in non-covid times, I’d have regular game nights with my friends which is always a lot of fun. Although lately I’ve replaced that by rediscovering my love for Lego!

Recently Milena finished recreated the Friends set but in Lego
A closeup on all the Lego Friends Characters
Recently Milena finished recreated the Friends set but in Lego


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